10 brilliant things homeowners do . . .

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Apr• 08•08

Click below to download a 90-page e-book in PDF. . . to create awesome remodels.

Based on my experiences, here’s my list:

1. Being clear about what you want

2. Becoming clear about your budget

3. Getting professional design advice

4. Checking out the companies you’re considering

5. Not taking the lowest bid

6. Sticking to the plan during construction

7. Not overestimating your ability to handle stress

8. Being realistic about how long remodeling takes

9. Respecting the crew

10. Appreciating what scores of workers have gone through to make your dream remodel come true

Feel free to download the PDF e-book I created on this topic.

What would you add to this list? What would you subtract?

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  1. TTF says:

    Having worked in the trades in the past…
    #11 – Have good coffee, donuts and cookies on hand for the crew. You will typically get a lot of appreciation, wihch translates into better work, and more of a genuine concern for you and what you want.

  2. Hi KPR,
    Excellent eBook!!!
    Can I share this with my readers?
    KPR: Of course, Carl. I wanted to share with my readers your own free e-book at http://www.byoh.com, but I could not get it to download, so I could not review it first.

  3. Hi, KPR,
    I’m sorry you had trouble downloading my free eBook.
    Here is the URL for the eBook PDF download file itself:
    The info page for the eBook is:
    Any problems, let me know at: carl (at) byoh (dot) com
    Again, thanks

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