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10 trends in green kitchens

Jahnkecounter_2According to HGTV, here are the 10 trends in greening up your kitchen, along with links to some resources:

1. Low-VOC countertops (pictured: Richlite counter in a Claremont home)

2. Energy-efficient appliances (Energy Star rated)

3. Sun-welcoming skylights (try Solatubes for tricky areas)

4. Renewable flooring (try natural linoleum, bamboo, or FSC-certified wood)

5. Smarter insulation

6. Energy-saving lighting (compact fluorescents, or LED lights)

7. Tree-friendly cabinets (FSC certified)

8. Hands-free faucets

9. Tankless water heaters

10. Insulated windows

Click here for videos of these types of products.

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