10 ways to add holiday spirit to your kitchen

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Dec• 06•09

Holiday kitchen002a
Decorating the kitchen for the holidays is often overlooked as we go about decorating the rest of our home (and we have many big and small holidays in December not the least of which is Underdog Day on December 17)! We're probably in the kitchen even more during this period of time (National Brownie Day is December 8th) so here are a variety of ideas – traditional, fresh, modern, green to add spirit to our kitchens.

10 Ways to Add That Holiday Spirit 

1. Replace your collections and accessories around the kitchen to a single color theme for a unifying color story – sounds easy, and it is – all objects are one color. 

See the whole list at www.thekitchendesigner.org

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  1. kamillo says:

    J find it is true kitchen is most important room of our house .However we cook or share time with family nothing feels better then home meel.I find few good tips in Your blog.

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