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June 2007

But can your iPhone roast a brisket?


OK, so this contraption that chills and then cooks your dinner — and responds to phone prompts — costs nearly $8,000. That’s ridiculous, of course. But once the early [...]

Q&A: Renovate all at once, or in steps?


Question: We want to do several upgrades to our house, including the kitchen, the master bathroom and a new deck. Should we have them all done at the same time, or would it [...]

The $1,400 kitchen


This kitchen, featured on the Dwell magazine website, was done for less than $2,000 (not counting DIY labor) with Ikea products. The total cost was about $1,400 partly [...]

New product: Instant tile backsplash


This new kitchen accessory from Broan (makers of those super-quiet exhaust fans, among other products) goes in the category of instant kitchen update for less than $500. Of [...]

Move every few years? Not this artist


Artist and professor Gilah Hirsch has lived in her Venice home since 1974, and she has no plans to leave. Rather, she continues to make it into a very personal space. To get [...]

Book Report: Garage Sale America


  Good news, junkies! Garage-sale shopping is bigger than ever, helped along no doubt by the environmental movement’s focus on reusing and recycling. Garage Sale [...]

DIY Weekend Special: Tile Backsplash


In this kitchen, the backsplash tile sets the tone. If your kitchen could be jazzed up with tile, installing a backsplash is a good DIY project. I saw step-by-step [...]

A granite floor? Why not?

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The great thing about living in a metropolitan area is your access to so many shops, supply houses and enterprises. Daniel Gonzales and Janice Stango took full advantage of [...]

Customers rate cabinetmakers


For the first time, J.D. Power has measured customer satisfaction for new cabinets. The Westlake Village-based research firm surveyed 842 customers in April and May who had [...]

Losing a garage, gaining a workshop


When Chantal Dussouchaud and Harry Dolman bought this Hollywood Hills home, they had one major objection to it: the massive driveway that dominated the entire front of the [...]

Remodeling tips for Paris Hilton


From the Bloom Where You Are Planted Incarcerated Dept.: Next time I go to jail, Martha Stewart will be my role model, not Paris Hilton. Martha took her sentence like a [...]

Dad’s brilliance? Keeping mom happy


When Claudia Jones told her husband, Rick, that she’d like to take down the wallpaper in the kitchen of their Agoura home, he came back with a radical idea: "Why [...]

Reader Willie wants to share his remodel

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Reader Willie has provided a link to photos of his remodel. I understand Willie acted as his own contractor on this recently finished project, and that he plans on staying in [...]

The Seven Sins of Remodeling


Pacific Palisades building contractor Gordon Gibson offers clients a tip sheet of common remodeling mistakes, as was reported in the Palisadian-Post. The sins are: 1. PRIDE: [...]

Oops! Might want to reconsider that plan


The people I interview are generally thrilled to tears with their completed remodel, either because it all came together despite their doubts and fears, or simply because [...]
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