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July 2007

Greening Pasadena bungalow on a budget

Working with limited funds, Donna Sider was able to green up her Pasadena Craftsman bungalow, as was reported this week in the L.A. Times. Snider’s investments include: [...]


Drama in rehab: Test your flipping IQ

Not enough drama in your own remodel? Bravo’s new show, Flipping Out, will fill in the gap. The show premieres Tuesday and “follows the antics of one of Los [...]


Remodel highs and lows

Remodeling is an emotional endeavor. The very thing that keeps you safe and centered — your happy home — is turned into a dusty, chaotic, noisy jobsite. On top of that, [...]


The newest trend in stuff: Freecycling

What bugs me about the unwanted stuff I have around the house is that someone, somewhere would love to have it. But who? Where? How? I heard about The Freecycle Network on [...]


Green alternatives for countertops

Astute eco-reader David sends in this helpful missive: “We just found a great posting on green alternatives for countertops. The list includes Richlite (used in a new [...]


The trouble with subcontractors

Why is it so hard to get subcontractors to show up? Here’s what I’ve observed (and feel free to tear apart my arguments): There are two factors in this situation: [...]

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Q&A: Is building green worth it?

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Q&A: Is building green worth it?

Question: I’m somewhat of a beginning investor/builder. I’m not passionate about green since it’s my belief that it’s just that much more costlier and [...]


The five-dollar floor finish

Over at the Casa de Solariego blog, which is chronicling the building of a straw bale home in San Luis Obispo County, blogger Mark explains how he stained his new concrete [...]

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Gewgaw? Or nah?

Gew·gaw [gyoo-gaw]–noun: something gaudy and useless; trinket; bauble. ( Every now and again, we’re faced with a wrenching dilemma: Do we retain the [...]


Book: The E-Myth Contractor

I have such respect and compassion for contractors and subcontractors. Most of them “came up through the trades,” as they put it, often learning construction [...]


The rule of five

I got some good advice from furniture designer and TV host Amanda Pays. For those of us who want a consistent “flow” through our homes, Amanda suggests we limit [...]


How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

I’d like to respond to the question above — which I’ve been asked a lot over the years — with a question of my own: How much does a car cost? I just bought a [...]


Contractor red flags

When you work with a contractor: things generally start out great and then go downhill. As the job progresses you’ll likely get weary, overwhelmed, and angry. To help you [...]


Clotheslines are the new cool

And just like that, drying clothes on a line is hip. It will help save the planet and it’s a way to make a green statement. Funny, just a few weeks ago, I considered it [...]

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OK, this is too much fun . . .

I just spent a very pleasurable hour recreating my living room and dining room on this cool Better Homes & Gardens site called Arrange-a-Room. Why this should be so [...]


Ask a Contractor: Alon Toker

Ever wish you could ask a licensed contractor some remodeling questions with no hint of pressure to sign a contract? Here is your chance. This week’s guest expert, [...]


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Southern California house blogs

Park Haus Addition Following a Burbank home addition. Our Cosmetic Fixer Jason and Lori discover that their 1926 Spanish home in Los Angeles needs more than paint. 1921 [...]

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