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December 2007

Fireplaces, SoCal style

As the deep of winter descends here in Southern California (it’s what today? 70 degrees?), I thought I’d share some distinctly SoCal fireplaces I’ve had the [...]

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Pardon Our Dust: Year in review

It’s been a robust year on the Pardon Our Dust Blog. Here’s a taste of what we’ve shared: Some excellent kitchen remodels . . . A Westwood kitchen in a New [...]


Red and green SoCal kitchens

Here are a few of my favorite kitchens, which happen to be red and green, the colors of the holiday season. Top left: Kathleen Schaaf and her brother Kevin bought a 1923 Long [...]

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Any good contractors in Orange County?

Reader Shaun Rogers sends along this request: “Hello. I’m looking for the names of qualified, trustworthy remodeling contractors who do work in Orange County. Any [...]


Encinitas powder room wins award

This gorgeous (and expensive-looking) powder room in an Encinitas home won a design award from the National Kitchen and Bath Assn. Here’s the design statement for what [...]


Loving my new solar-powered fountain

I’m loving my new solar-powered fountain, which gives me the soothing sounds of water outside my office window without running up my electric bill. And I feel connected [...]


Cures for the open loft

So you got a downtown loft, or you created a loft-like space, and now what? Crave a little privacy? Wish you had a little separation of spaces without all those pesky solid [...]


How much does a remodel cost, anyway?

In my 17 years writing about remodels, I’ve been fairly insistent on one issue: The cost of the remodel must be revealed. After all, what value is a feature on a lovely [...]


The fine art of chair making . . . NOT!

There must be an art to chair and stool making. I say that because some manufacturers seem to have missed that mark. All the chairs and stools on this page (and many more [...]