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Ask Kathy: How to assess an old house?

Dear Kathy: I found your blog today and enjoyed reading it. Many of your links were helpful. Thanks for all your work!   I am about to buy an old (1905) house in [...]


Angelo’s Kitchen Remodel

As Angelo Surmelis knows all too well, no matter how splendidly you’ve decorated the rest of your house, guests always end up in the kitchen. That was a problem for [...]


Tidbits from the web

A slow burn over a gas grill Follow along as this New York Times columnist tries to get a gas grill grilling. Good luck with that! More Stack ’em or don’t stack [...]


Fun With IKEA’s $40 Varde Wall Shelf

IKEA sells a pretty nice $40 Varde wall shelf unit. But actually, it’s a little bland. A couple of designers from Los Angeles offer some variations in the L.A. Times. [...]


Looking for a landscaper

A reader sent in this email: Hi! I saw your Pardon Our Dust article on drought-tolerant grasses. Can you recommend good landscape architect in the L.A. area? (Pamela Burton [...]

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Mike Holmes in New Orleans

I’ve got my own paparazzo working down in New Orleans (AKA my husband, Bill) and he swung by the house Mike Holmes of “Holmes on Homes” is helping to build. [...]


Who will win ‘Design Star’?

Last night, on HGTV’s “Design Star,” the three judges agreed this was the strongest group of finalists they’d seen yet. I agree. And I wondered if [...]

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A treat in store for you

Now don’t hate me for this, but last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Angelo Surmelis, host of HGTV’s “Rate My Space,” at his Los Angeles home. [...]


Are some landscape plants TOO wonderful?

On my walks lately, I keeping coming across the type of plants you see in this photo. They are in bloom right now and so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. So you might wonder, [...]


Deadly beds

These kids’ beds, imported by Bayside Furnishings of San Diego, are handsome, no doubt about that. Unfortunately, they are also potentially deadly and have been [...]


Two Complete Baths in 14 Days

The impetus to remodel is not always about trendy bathroom tile or increased property values. For Los Angeles homeowner Meg Moreta, a 43-year-old dietitian, it was her long [...]


TV Review: ‘Rate My Space’

I’ve watched several episodes of “Rate My Space” with Angelo Surmelis on HGTV and I’m quite impressed. Here’s how it works: The homeowners who [...]

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You write the caption

I found this photo over at the excellent L.A. Land blog. Where do you suppose these two guys are heading with this [...]


Two readers looking for contractors

The economy might be picking up. Folks are looking for contractors: Palm Desert/Coachella Valley Thanks for your words of caution regarding tips to research a contractor for [...]


Miranda Hobbes, I knew ye not

Did I not watch "Sex and the City" reruns for the past four years? Did I not come to feel in some TV-induced mania that I knew Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and [...]


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