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February 2008

New appliances are smarter than ever

From what I could tell at the International Builders Show earlier this month, GE’s research and development department has been working overtime. The new products [...]


A galley-licious kitchen redo

I do some writing for a Better Homes & Gardens magazine and when I present my editor with a great remodel in a galley kitchen she tells me they can’t use galley [...]


Watch out for hidden remodeling costs

When penciling out costs for a remodel, factoring in flooring, tile, cabinets and other big-ticket items is a no-brainer. But the hidden, not-so-glamorous costs can make your [...]

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Green building trends

Here are the latest happenings in green building (as observed at the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, Fla.): • The National Association of Home Builders is [...]


You write the caption

As seen today near the Orlando Convention Center and the International Builders’ Show. What’s up with this [...]


Trends, we’ve got trends

Trends are a big deal here at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla. That’s because the housing market is down, way down, and builders need to figure out what [...]

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The New American Home of 1984

If you were born prior to 1984, you may recall how frightened some of us were of that year on account of George Orwell’s 1949 book, "1984," that foretold a [...]


A new house that will last 150 years?

While some government programs are flawed, others are sterling. I’m thinking of the excellent Energy Star program of the U.S. Dept. of Energy. And I’m also [...]

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Recommend a contractor

The question I get most often from readers is: Can you recommend a contractor? Sadly, I cannot. But you can. Have you used a licensed Southern California general contractor [...]


The $12,000 luxury kitchen remodel

An enterprising homeowner in the Portland, Ore. area set out to do a luxury kitchen remodel for $10,000, according to his blog (which is anonymous, so we have to take this [...]


Tired of the cans in your ceiling?

In the beginning, there was the bare bulb. And then there came to pass the light fixture. Soon upon the land, dropped ceilings and fluorescent lights spread. As humans [...]