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March 2008

Know something? Share your wisdom

Attention all readers: From the Reader-to-Reader Forum: Question: Shouldn’t the HOA be responsible for this water damage? Why weren’t we warned? more » Question: [...]


Tile Artist’s Home Is Her Canvas

Back in the 1980s, Michelle Griffoul chose her home for one reason. “It had forklift access to the backyard,” said Michelle, who bought the home, in the Santa [...]


Combatting Counter Clutter

As I plan to paint and lighten up my kitchen, to spend around $200 on a beautiful, yet-to-be-determined backsplash and under-counter lighting, I got to thinking about how [...]


Is this a good time to remodel?

When the housing bust started and home prices began their slide, some homeowners thought the cost of remodels might slide proportionately. That did not happen because the [...]


Envy in Santa Ynez, Calif.

In all the years I’ve been writing about remodels (more than two decades) and in all the gorgeous homes I’ve visited (more than 500), I’ve only felt envy [...]


For HGTV’s Kim Myles, a good start

For Kim Myles fans who were put off by what one commenter here called a “bizarre” color scheme during HGTV’s “Myles of Style” show on Sunday, tonight’s [...]

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A chance to speak out on green building

The county of Los Angeles is considering adoption of a green building program and is holding a series of public meetings to get comments. Discussions will focus on green [...]

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Doggie Doo Doo? Please Don’t

Seen while walking . . . here are some ways urbanites try to keep dogs and their droppings off private property. Now if only dogs could learn to read, we’d be all set. [...]


The richest woman in the world?

Is the stock market crashing? Is the worldwide economy heading into the deepest, darkest depression ever? Truth be told, my own economy is not that all that great. My savings [...]


TV Review: ‘Myles of Style’

This was supposed to be a review of the new HGTV show "Myles of Style," hosted by Kim Myles, who won the Design Star 2 competition and was rewarded with her own [...]


A good question on solar blinds

Here’s a question from reader Dan in Canada: I am seeking information on solar blinds. I am up in Canada but have south facing windows in our home which cause [...]


Home shows rock on despite down market

You’d hardly know there was a housing crisis by watching reality home shows. The properties on these shows are still getting bought, sold, flipped, updated and dated [...]


Van Nuys sting operation

It was kind of like NBC’s "To Catch a Predator" this week in Van Nuys. But instead of suspected pedophiles showing up to meet underage victims, there were [...]


SoCal home-and-garden weekend calendar

MARCH 14: The 4 Women of Prefab, panel and book signing, 1:15 p.m., CA Boom Design Show, Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport 14: Pacific Palisades Home Tour, led by [...]


New show: ‘Date My House’ on TLC

I guess HGTV’s new show “Sleep On It,” where prospective homeowners get to try out a house before they buy it, must be doing well. Now TLC, the Learning [...]


Q&A: How to create a remodeling plan?

Here’s a question from reader Molly K.: "I have multiple remodel jobs to do on my 1950 bungalow and a very limited budget. "What kind of professional should I [...]

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Green home books for 2008

Greening-your-home books are sprouting like alfalfa seeds. New choices this year include: Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life (Clarkson Potter, February, $18 [...]


Design Ideas for Obsolete Fireplaces

A proposal to limit fireplace use became reality a while back as the South Coast Air Quality Management District board voted unanimously “to impose hefty fines on [...]


A Cool, Mod Overhang Option

As I asked in an earlier posting, what do you do if your front entrance is without distinction? Or your side or rear entrances, for that matter? Arnie and Lily chose one [...]


482,000 toasters are toast

It must be harder than it seems to design and manufacturer small home appliances that are safe and sound. A case in point is the 482,000 toasters made in China and sold here [...]


Rate This Remodel: New front porch

So what do you do if the front of your house has virtually no character? No charm? No distinction? What if your front porch is little more than a couple of concrete steps and [...]

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