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June 2008

You write the caption

I found this photo over at the excellent L.A. Land blog. Where do you suppose these two guys are heading with this [...]


Two readers looking for contractors

The economy might be picking up. Folks are looking for contractors: Palm Desert/Coachella Valley Thanks for your words of caution regarding tips to research a contractor for [...]


Miranda Hobbes, I knew ye not

Did I not watch "Sex and the City" reruns for the past four years? Did I not come to feel in some TV-induced mania that I knew Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and [...]


Q&A: How to Paint a Brick Fireplace?

Question: I have hated my brick fireplace since day one of living in my otherwise-fabulous home. I have considered removing the brick altogether and creating a brand-new one [...]

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New home-related recalls

Backyard play sets Units: About 11,000Distributor: Backyard Leisure LLC, of Pittsburg, KansasHazard: Hangers holding the chains for the gliders can break, causing a child to [...]


Alternative to a massive stove hood

Here’s an unusual design in a Los Feliz kitchen. Instead of a massive stainless-steel or stucco-looking stove hood over the gigantic range and built-in grill, these [...]

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Recalled: Log Swings Missing Nail

  Got one of these log swings? Make sure all the nails are in place. I don’t really know why I’ve become so obsessed with recalled home-related goods. Some [...]

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