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July 2009

Renovation going strong in New Orleans

The remodeling industry is slow all over . . .  except for in New Orleans, where rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina continues in full swing. Above you see a century-old [...]


Remodeling News from the Net

• Living without air conditioning [New York Times] • International Shed of the Year 2009 [Jetson Green] • Reflective roof paint repels the heat [Los Angeles Times] [...]


What’s wrong with this picture?

When I was a child, the only joy in going to the dentist was picking up a copy of Highlights magazine and turning to the Hidden Pictures feature where odd little items [...]


Acting childish during a remodel?

I don’t mean to make fun of these adorable children dressed up like adults. Really I don’t. They’re precious. But this image got me thinking about what [...]


Cool new French door wall ovens

You know, new products were a lot more fun a few years ago when we were rolling in dough and using our homes as ATM machines to fix up our homes. Of course, the big new [...]

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‘Ruins of the Second Gilded Age’

Not too long ago, a photo essay was posted on the New York Times website, and then quickly removed. And that means you probably didn’t see it. The title was [...]


What Is Your Least Favorite DIY Task?

When I visited Arnie and Lily Richards at home in Downey, Calif., they were naturally proud of the new dining room they added, and the adjacent kitchen they remodeled. You [...]


Are solar panels ugly?

In Santa Monica, California, home of the really pretty people, solar panels are fine as long as you hide them from view. That is according to a blog posting at the L.A. [...]