2010-2011 Cost vs. Value Report just released

Written By: admin - Nov• 04•10

Cost vs. ValueWill you get your money back on that bathroom remodel when you sell your house? How about that new deck? How much will that increase the value of your house?

For hard numbers on how much you’ll get back from your remodel, you can’t do better than the Cost vs. Value Report put out each year by Remodeling Magazine. The 2010-2011 Report has just been released.

The report gives you numbers on a variety of projects in various parts of the country. The numbers will vary depending on your locale.

The best return on investment for New England is an entry door replacement with a steel door. The job will cost $1,264 and you can expect to recoup 85% of that upon resale, or $1,218.

The worst cost vs. value in New England is a home office remodel, which will return just 46%. And that’s a shame, because that’s the remodel I’d most like to have.

See the whole report here.

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