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February 2010

Is Contemporary Out? Already?


In 2008, I posed this question in a poll: Is contemporary style on its way out? My theory was that hard economic times would propel people into the comfort of traditional [...]

Where to Put the Microwave? 14 Tips


Another winning piece by kitchen designer Susan Serra: Honestly? Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, finding a place for the microwave drives me crazy! It’s not [...]

The Drain That Never Clogs


The last time my sink clogged up, I tried muscle power and the force of a plunger to unclog the drain. When that failed miserably, I switched to liquid drain cleaner, then [...]

2P-10, the Super Duper Glue


From DIY Life: When the corner of my favorite wooden picture frame broke apart during a move, I pondered the ways I could fix it elegantly, preferably with a thin and [...]

Yoga for builders

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Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?  See the whole story at Fine Homebuilding. [...]

Remodeling with allergies in mind


 Photo: Remodeled house in Southern California. For allergy sufferers, hardwood floor are the way to go. From the Indianapolis Star: Question: How can I make sure the [...]