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435-square-foot apartment feels airy and spacious

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Small New York City Apartment

I’m enthralled with this 435-square-foot apartment in Greenwich Village, N.Y.

It has only one window, in the living room, yet the space feels light and open. What you see here is the living room from each end, with the kitchen on one side, and the bedroom on the other side through glass doors.

The story in the New York Times says the couple — husband Suchitra Van is from India and wife Nette Gaastra is from Holland — bought the apartment for $296,000 and remodeled it with $26,000 they got from wedding gifts, along with $15,000 of their own savings. That’s $41,000 to remodel a space just a bit larger than a two-car garage.

How did they spend the money? Some prices were revealed: a DeLonghi stove for $1,762, a G.E. dishwasher for $622 and a Hansgrohe shower faucet for (wow!) $670. The steel-framed doors into the bedroom cost $986 and were shipped from India and fitted with glass in Manhattan. And yet, the four Ikea cabinets cost only $141. The floor looks expensive, and the husband designed the porcelain enamel backsplash and countertop.

This place makes me want to declutter and lighten up.

See the full story and more pictures. (Photos: New York Times)

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