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7 signs you’re being scammed for driveway paving

AsphaltdrivewayThe California State Contractors License Board has been busy tracking down alleged scammers who the CSLB says solicited homeowners for driveway work, took their money and then did slipshod work before disappearing down the road.

Often, the CSLB says, the scammers claimed that they had materials left over from a previous job that they needed to use up and thus would provide the lucky homeowner or business with an amazing discount, for cash of course.

The CSLB suggests that these seven signs indicate a scam may be in process:

• Unsolicited offers to do painting, roofing or paving work
• Claims of leftover materials
• High-pressure or scare tactics
• Reluctance to sign a written contract
• Demand for payment in cash
• New vehicles and out-of-state license plates
• Toll-free telephone contact numbers instead of a local number

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