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A light bulb that lasts 17 years

A soon-to-be-released light bulb developed by General Electric uses cutting-edge technology to last — get this — 17 years! 

Let’s put it into perspective. Imagine you have a baby, and you install the soon-to-be-available Energy Smart LED (light-emitting diode) bulb in the baby’s room. That baby will grow up and graduate from high school before that light bulb burns out (based on four hours of use a day).

Of course, there will be a price to pay. The bulbs, which were introduced at trade shows this year and should be on the market some time in 2011, will cost more than $40 each. That will be the price for the trendsetters among us, also known as “early adopters.” As with most new technologies, you can expect the price to drop dramatically in coming years.

The new bulbs are expected to last, according to GE, 25,000 hours — that’s 25 times longer than a regular light bulb and three times longer than a typical compact fluorescent. Each Energy Smart LED bulb would prevent 25 spent light bulbs from ending up in a landfill.

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  1. Sure the bulb may last 25 times longer than the traditional bulbs out now, but if you consider the cost of a normal bulb now is about $.60, even if you replace it 25 times over 17 years you still pay less than the new fangled bulbs. Call me old fashioned but just cuz they can make a bulb that lasts for 20 years doesnt mean I gonna run out and buy one

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