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Once a lackluster kitchen, now stylish and wow-ish

Reader Mary Kay Ulsamer writes in about her great experience having one of the “inspiration rooms” on Rate My Space, Angelo Surmelis’ new show. (You see above the kitchen Angelo redid.)

On Rate My Space, Angelo makes over some room that really needs help. And here’s what I found out from Angelo: the show pays for the whole project. So if he tells us a bathroom cost $20,000 or a living room cost $30,000 or whatever, those homeowners got that all for free. Sign me up!

So, to get the inspiration for the room makeover, the homeowners go onto HGTV’s Rate My Space website and look for rooms with elements they like. These are called the “inspiration rooms.” Then Angelo puts those ideas all together and creates the new room.

Mary Kay's inspiring kitchen

So that brings us back to Mary Kay, who has a blog called Rate My Favorite Spaces. On a recent show, a young man had a lackluster kitchen that just wasn’t cutting it (top right). One of his inspiration rooms (which is Mary Kay’s kitchen, seen here to the right) had an antique hutch, and Angelo used that idea to incorporate an antique red hutch into the new kitchen (top left). See how that works? You use a good idea as an inspiration, not as something to copy. Brilliant.

Also, see Mary Kay’s living room, where the TV looks like a fireplace.

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