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A union-made remodel?

UnionlabelSpeaking of the striking writers’ union, are you pro-union, anti-union or somewhere in the center?

I’ve got my own pro-union bias because my dad was a union lather in the San Fernando Valley when I was growing up. I had a stay-at-home mom for me and my two siblings, and we lived in a house my parents bought new in Granada Hills, and we had a boat and two cars and a camper and trips to Yosemite. And all because of that union salary, life was pretty darned comfortable. Most lathers these days probably have trouble renting a crummy apartment.

So all this makes me think of buying stuff for a home and remodel that is made by union workers. (This is aside from hiring union workers for a remodel.)

It’s one thing to say I’m pro-union, another to buy union. So I looked on the AFL-CIO’s Union Label website for some home- and remodeling-type stuff that is union made, and here’s some of what I found:

All-Clad Metalcrafters, Canonsburg, Penn.
Brand Name: All-Clad
Union: 72 Local: 3403, Dist. 4
Description: Household cooking utensils

Anchor Hocking Glass Co., Lancaster, Ohio
Brand Name: Anchor Glass
Union: 72 Local: 25
Description: Glass

Electrolux Home Products, Greenville, Mich.
Brand Names: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kenmore, Tapon
Union: UAW Local: 137
Description: Home appliances

GE Appliances., Louisville, Ken.
Brand Names: Hotpoint, Spacemaker, Profile
Union: IUE-CWA Local: 761

Kohler, Kohler, Wis.
Brand Name: Kohler
Union: UAW
Description: Plumbing fixtures

Lenox Manufacturing, Pomona, N.J.
Brand Names: Gorham, Kirk-Stieff
Union: GMP Local: 236-A
Description: Silver and plated ware

Northland Corp., Greenville, Mich.
Brand Name: Northland
Union: UAW Local: 308
Description: Heavy appliances

Pillowtex, Tunica, Miss.
Brand Name: Pillowtex
Union: UAW Local: 6519
Description: Blankets, comforters and beddings

Rival Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Brand Names: Rival, Simer, Pollenex, Bioinaire, Patton
Union: IAM
Description: Home appliances

Rubbermaid, Wooster, Ohio
Brand Name: Rubbermaid
Union: 72 Local: 302L, Dist. 1

Sealy Mattress, Williamsport, Md.
Brand Name: Sealy Mattress
Union: TG Local: 0741T
Description: Bedding

Steelcraft Mfg. Corp., Cincinnati, Ohio
Brand name: Perma Door
Union: 72 Local: 7697, Dist. 1
Description: Metal doors, sash and trim

White-Westinghouse Electric Co., Elkhart and Cornersville, Ind.
Brand Name: White-Westinghouse
Union: IUE-CWA Local: Local 999
Description: Household cooking utensils

White-Westinghouse Electric Corp., Buffalo, N.Y.
Brand Name: Westinghouse
Union: IUE-CWA Local:
Description: Heavy appliances

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