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Affordable green prefabs

DetailsegretsmallWhen it comes to green building, some professions and industries get it, and some don’t (yet).

Those who get it are architects and manufacturers. Those who are playing catch-up are suppliers and retailers, and most contractors and subcontractors.

So if you can get those who get it — architects and manufacturers — into one room, mix them up with an enlightened builder and entrepreneurial type, and ask them to create green homes, you can then train or hire the people to put them together.

That’s the idea behind green prefab homes, built in a factory and delivered to your site. One company, Details, makes them in a former aerospace facility (which is using a green practice, to reuse existing space) in the Sacramento area.

Homes by Details are designed by architects and use green, healthy and energy- and resource- efficient products made by companies such as Kohler, Andersen and GE Monogram, as well as super insulation, tankless water heaters, and amazingly efficient HVAC systems.

According to vice president Bruce Evans, the total cost for one of these homes is from $115 to $215 per square foot, which includes site preparation, delivery and set-up. Some of the designs are pretty small, around 1,150 square feet (the Egret, shown here), which is again a green principle, to have a not-so-big house.

For more info, check out Details house designs.

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