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Are you wild? Are you ready for a wild refrigerator?

Amana says it's thinking of putting out some new refrigerator designs but doesn't know which to create first. So your help is needed.

Take this test to rate 10 refrigerator designs from 1 to 10, from least favorite to most favorite. In exchange, Amana will tell you what your choices indicate about your personality.

Are you gregarious and outgoing? Naturally witty? Calm and relaxed? Your refrigerator preferences will shed light on that.

Choose from such evocatively named styles as Orbit (left), Mojo (right), Brocade, Green Tea, Pink Lemonade, Corduroy, Illusion, Mojave, Inked and Twilight.

To find out more about yourself, take the test here.

(Tip of the hat to Susan Serra at The Kitchen Designer blog for bringing this to our attention.)

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