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Ask a Renovation Lender

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e54f29efeb8834-800wi Forget the granite or tile conundrum. The big remodeling question is this: “Where do you get the money?”

Here are some of the remodel finance strategies I’ve seen over the years:

— Sale of stocks
— Cash inheritance from family
— Cash-out refinance
— Sale of elderly parent’s home to pay for remodel, which included a secondary unit for said elderly parent
— Construction loan (based on value of house after upcoming remodel)
— Savings (does anyone save anymore?)
— Credit cards (sad but true)
— Equity line of credit
— Tax return
— Company bonus
— Second mortgage
— Earnings from hit TV show (hey, this is L.A.)

To help you figure out your own financing options, John Sway, a loan guy, may be available to answer questions about getting money for a remodel.

To be accurate, John Sway is more than just a “loan guy.” His title is actually National Renovation Manager at Prospect Mortgage. Based in San Diego, John really knows about renovation lending. He’s been quoted in the L.A. Times (I’ve interviewed him several times over the past decade), Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, and countless national magazines.

Read today’s story on Charles Chang’s Victory and see what smart financing can do for you.

What’s your question for the loan guy?