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Ask a SoCal Realtor: Will your remodel earn you money?

Davidkean4_2When it’s time to sell your home, which upgrade will bring a bigger return on your remodeling investment:

Granite or Corian counters? A bigger master bath or a walk-in closet? Tile or wood floors? New windows or a new roof? A patio or a deck?

Will the remodel you are considering now add a lot to your asking price, or just a little? Or will your remodel actually lower the asking price?

To help you sort that out, David Kean, a Los Angeles real estate agent with Prudential California Realty, will answer your online questions this week about the appeal of your remodel to future buyers.

Just post your question in the comment section below. And please give David as much information as possible: the town you live in, the age of the home, the value of homes in the area, how long you plan to live in the home before you sell, what kind of remodel you’re considering, etc.

Post your question, then check back to get David’s answer.

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