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British Kitchens vs. American Kitchens

Somehow I got onto the mailing list of a British kitchen shop called Magnet. As I live in the United States, there’s very little chance I’ll be hiring these folks to design and build my new kitchen.

But they sent me a link to a daytime talk show This Morning where one of their kitchens is featured and it got me thinking: why is there such a vast difference in styles between U.S. and British kitchens? See the British kitchen here:

American vs. British kitchens

So I’m trying to figure out what makes this kitchen look so unusual to me. It’s obviously a high-quality kitchen with the sleek rounded island, curved window and sparkly hanging lamps. But it looks disjointed somehow. And is that a cooktop on the island, and another stove in the nook? And do I see 3 or more ovens? I do like the refrigerator with the glass door, though.

I notice the same thing when I watch House Hunters International and see kitchens in other countries. Most of them seem likewise odd.

If you’re an international kitchen observer, what do you think is the biggest difference between British and U.S. kitchens? I’d really like to know.

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