Budget Celebrity Remodel: Kitty Bartholomew’s bedroom redo

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - May• 16•07

Kittybedroombefore_3When HGTV and ABC decorating show host Kitty Bartholomew moved into her 1930s cottage in Santa Monica, she noticed one problem right away: There was a solid wall in the master bedroom that stood between her and her garden.

To remedy the situation, Kitty had a Dutch door and window installed in that wall, along with a used-brick porch outside. Kitty said she purposely did not choose a French door, because she wanted the fresh air a two-piece Dutch door could offer.

Also, Kitty loves to have a fireplace in the bedroom, so she added one, raised up so it could be seen from the bed. The fireplace was installed by Paykel Fireplace Fixtures in Santa Monica.

With the fireplace positioned between the two existing windows on that wall, Kitty bought chests from Pottery Barn and created window seats. The fireplace addition also helped soften the unusual soffit and ceiling angles that were at odds with the rest of the Cape Cod house. The moldings added to the fireplace came from an old house being demolished in the neighborhood, and match original moldings in the living and dining rooms.

The Dutch door, window, porch and fireplace were installed according to code and with necessary permits, and cost about $5,000.

(About this series: So why feature budget “celebrity” remodels? Gosh, this is the Los Angeles area, where there are half a dozen celebrities huddled on each corner. Well, not really. But there are a lot. And some of them are creative. And if their projects are not over-the-top, why not?)

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(Photo: Sharon Cavanagh)

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