Can’t get enough tiny houses?

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Aug• 23•07

TinyhousesnetThere’s a whole gaggle of ‘em at You know, a tiny house need not be a full-time residence. Here’s how this site defines tiny houses:

“They are the structures which resemble our childhood drawings: simple, symmetrical, human sized, single purposed.

Bigger than a shed but smaller than a two-car garage, the one room tiny house might be an office, a study cabin, a little business or a guest room. It might have heat but no running water.

A tiny house, a little house, an itty bitty house, a mini house: any way you describe it, little houses and hideaways are dear to our sense of proportion.”

One caution: As we saw in this week’s L.A. Times Real Estate section, you probably need to consider zoning and permits when considering an accessory building.

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