Casting Call: Clean House

Written By: admin - Mar• 29•11

Clean House

Do you need help ridding your home of clutter?

Are you having a hard time letting go of stuff you don’t need but just can’t seem to part with?

Is your house in dire need of a makeover?

If at least three rooms in your house are messy, you might need a visit from The Style Network’s “Clean House,” which is campy, fun and one of my favorite reality shows!

But there are a few requirements.

You must own a single-family home (that means no rentals, apartments, condos, or townhouses) and at least two adults must live in your home. If those things are true, you can email the following information to Clean House and they will be in touch with more details:

1. Names and relationships of everyone living in the house.

2. Address and phone number.

3. Photos or video of all your cluttered rooms.

4. Tell them about yourself and why you and your family need “Clean House.”

5. Do you own or rent your house? Again, you must own your house and not be renting it.

You can email all this to:

They look forward to hosting your yard sale! And I look forward to seeing you on the TV.

P.S. Here is an editorial opinion from me to “Clean House” — Please be careful when asking folks to part with old family items. It’s one thing to let go of clutter or junk you’ve had for a few decades. But when you’ve got a piano that was played by your great-grandmother, for instance, that’s not something to give up. Please be sensitive to our needs for ancestry and family and history. Thank you!

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