Casting Call — Do you hate your bathroom?

Written By: admin - Jun• 24•11

New Orleans Bathroom Or, I guess I should ask: DID you hate your bathroom? And did you do something about it?

If so, a new DIY Network television show called “I Hate My Bath” is looking for DIYers who have remodeled their bathroom, taking the room from bland to beautiful.

As part of the show, they will have a short segment where they feature great bathroom remodels from around the country. They will not film anything. Rather, they will use photographs of the before and after.
In return, they will talk about your remodel along with sending you a DVD copy of the show.
So no, you don’t get a new bathroom out of the deal. But if you’ve already remodeled your bathroom, then you’re all set, right?
If you’re interested, here’s what they need:
1) Your name and the name(s) of anyone you own the home with
2) Where the home is located (city and state)
3) A description of how you changed your bathroom
4) How much the project cost
5) Which parts of the project were completed by you, if any
6) Hi-res before and after shots of the bathroom (typically 1MB or higher per pic)
If that all sounds groovy, you can email the information to Martine Schroeder
Good luck!


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  1. Well I saw that program. That was so interesting. But that is very difficult to convince people through a TV serial rather then a live experience to audience. Hope they do batter..

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