Casting Call — ‘Professional Grade’ on HGTV

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Sep• 21•11

Think you can renovate better and chaper than a contractor? Do you live in the Los Angeles area?

Then HGTV’s popular new renovation show Professional Grade is looking for you.

The goal is for you to find high-end materials on the cheap, do most of the labor yourself, and hire and manage subcontractors — such as plumbers and electricians — to do the rest of the work.

The show producers suggest that you get these subcontractors to work below market prices, but I don’t agree. Even though you can win cash based on the difference between how much you spent on your remodel and how much various contractors say it would cost for them to do it, do you really want to rip off the subcontractors. Do you? Do you really want them to take a lower fee so you can win the prize? That’s not the golden rule. My suggesion is that you pay your subcontractors a fair price no matter what you stand to gain from shorting them. Most have families to support.

Your best bet is to do most work yourself, and spend a lot of time looking for high-end stuff that is perhaps disontinued or damaged or was taken out of someone else’s high-end remodel. Craigslist, here you come.

Here are the requirements for being on the show:

  • Have a remodel project planned in Fall 2011 
  • Are physically capable of completing the renovation
  • Have the time available and can commit to a firm completion deadline (4 to 5 weeks of project time) 
  • Have an appropriate budget already set aside for the renovation
  • Are enthusiastic about being on TV and are ready to put your skills to the test 

If you’re interested, send an email to for an application.

And good luck.

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