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Ask a Renovation Lender

Forget the granite or tile conundrum. The big remodeling question is this: “Where do you get the money?” Here are some of the remodel finance strategies [...]


Remodeling With Allergies in Mind

From the Indianapolis Star: Question: How can I make sure the materials I use in my remodeling project are safe for a family member with allergies? Answer: The best place to [...]


Refinish or Replace the Bathtub?

Q: My bathtub is a mess, and a friend told me to consider refinishing. I read online that bathtub re-glazing might not be the wisest thing. I’ve always wanted a [...]

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Q&A: How to Paint a Brick Fireplace?

Question: I have hated my brick fireplace since day one of living in my otherwise-fabulous home. I have considered removing the brick altogether and creating a brand-new one [...]

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Desperately Seeking Electrician

A reader sent in this query. Do you have any suggestions? “I live in Eagle Rock, Calif., and I am looking to replace our knob-and-tube wiring. I have had a number of [...]


Help! Invading Bamboo!

It looks cute, but this thing could take over your yard and your neighbor’s yard. Question: Could you post an article on the responsible way to plant bamboo? Proper [...]


Recap: Answers to vexing home questions

How green is bamboo flooring? How do we install patio columns? How much to upgrade 1950s home? Renovate all at once or in steps? Where to find locally quarried stone? How to [...]


A good question on solar blinds

Here’s a question from reader Dan in Canada: I am seeking information on solar blinds. I am up in Canada but have south facing windows in our home which cause [...]


Q&A: How to create a remodeling plan?

Here’s a question from reader Molly K.: "I have multiple remodel jobs to do on my 1950 bungalow and a very limited budget. "What kind of professional should I [...]

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