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Free and Cheap Decorating

At the tile store some time ago, salivating over the $30-per-square-foot tile, I asked the clerk a brilliant question: “Do you have any free stuff?” I was with a [...]

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The $5 starting point

Isn’t this bedroom yummy? It’s in the Rosarito Beach vacation condo that Don and Gigi Maurizio remodeled. Gigi, an administrator with the Glendora Unified School [...]


Remodeler Picks His Poison

Carl Balton still remembers how he spent one Christmas Day — alone, miserable and working on his just-purchased first house, a 1928 Mar Vista fixer-upper. On that day, the [...]


In Sicily, Renovating a Cave

Modic, Italy — Amid the fabled 100 churches that line the sun-cracked streets of this Sicilian city, the New York architects William Brockschmidt and Richard Dragisic found [...]


Bathroom makeover was due

My latest Pardon Our Dust feature in the L.A. Times, about a small bathroom in Venice, has the most gorgeous photos ever to accommodate one of my articles.  Check out [...]


Two complete baths in 14 days

How is it possible for a remodeling company to completely gut and remodel two bathrooms in 14 days? Can you even wrap your mind around that? Check out the full story here. [...]


Creating a flow in Mar Vista

You may not often see the words "slate" and "flow" in the same sentence. But it was by repeating the use of slate throughout her Mar Vista remodel that [...]


Rock and roll kitchen remodel

You may have read the story about this Glassell Park kitchen remodel. You may have checked out details of the budget. Now, here’s the whole story in pictures, set to [...]


Tile artist’s home is her canvas

Back in the 1980s, Michelle Griffoul chose her home for one reason. “It had forklift access to the backyard,” said Michelle, who bought the home, in the Santa [...]


Envy in Santa Ynez

In all the years I’ve been writing about remodels (nearly 20) and in all the gorgeous homes I’ve visited (more than 500), I’ve only felt envy three times. [...]


Eagle Rock kitchen gets a fresh look

Although the sleek new kitchen in Bethany Orlemann and Danny Miller’s vintage Eagle Rock bungalow took only eight weeks to build in the summer of 2007, planning it was [...]


A mod beach house for sis

Sleek and customized, a ground-up remodel transforms a tiny ocean-view lot. When architect Robert Nebolon started sketching out ideas for his sister’s tear-down and [...]

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Remodeling and the single woman

The low-cost remodel of this 1948 Long Beach house has so many things going for it I don’t know where to start. While the hardwood floors were already in pretty good [...]


A bar-height table works for me

You know how everyone likes to sit up high on bar stools? But without having to be in a bar? Steve and Marygrace Carpenter like that feeling so much they got rid of their [...]


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