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Book Report: ‘How Your House Works’

How Your House Works: A visual guide to understanding and maintaining your home, by Charlie Wing About a month or so ago, my favorite table lamp began making a crackling [...]

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The new cool: a debt-free renovation

The solarium above, once rotted to the studs, was lovingly restored by a couple in Akron, Ohio. What makes this story newsworthy enough to land in the New York Times is that [...]

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Book Report: ‘Affordable Remodel’

Remodeling contractors can be infuriating, especially when they stand in your house and respond to your ideas by saying things such as: "That’s really going to [...]


Book Report: The New Bungalow Kitchen

If you’re a lover of bungalow homes and want a chance to drool, I suggest The New Bungalow Kitchen, a recently published Taunton Press book by Virginia architect Peter [...]

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Book Report: Garage Sale America

  Good news, junkies! Garage-sale shopping is bigger than ever, helped along no doubt by the environmental movement’s focus on reusing and recycling. Garage Sale [...]


Book Report: 52 Weekend Makeovers

My first suspicion when a magazine publisher puts out a book is: Uh-oh, recycled magazine articles. Even the subtitle of the book — “Easy Projects to Transform Your [...]

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