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HGTV Casting Calls

Just as the Internet has allowed everyone to become a publisher, HGTV is making it possible for all of us to be TV stars. (Well, if we're attractive and bubbly, that is.) The shows below are looking for guests and information that may be used in a show. Anything here fit your situation? Let a [...]

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Pam Anderson allegedly owes contractors $674,043 for remodeling work

Pamela Anderson is drowning in financial debt and needs a lifesaver. The former “Baywatch” star, 42, allegedly owes $1.1 million to various construction companies for remodeling work on her Malibu home as well as back state taxes, L.A. County records show. According to the documents, five different construction companies have filed liens against her home, [...]

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Jay Leno’s on board with bird-friendly, neighborhood-friendly wind turbines

Got wind? I love the idea of harnessing that clean power. But when I found out that many wind farms are set in the paths of migratory birds and that the turbines kill scores of birds annually, well, my support of the technology dried up. Plus, those giant windmills are pretty much a nonstarter for [...]

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