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Lisa LaPorta’s new website

The first thing I do when an episode of Designed to Sell comes on HGTV is check to see if Lisa LaPorta is the designer host. No offense to other worthy designers on the show, but Lisa is my favorite. She’s real. She’s talented. She’s calm. She’s classy. I just prefer to spend by Designed to [...]

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The alien in the basement, and other buyer turnoffs

Some houses are heart-stopping perfect. But John Boyd's ticker skipped a beat a few years ago for another reason when he was previewing a house on behalf of a client. It was a "pretty expensive house," said Boyd of Home Buyer's Agent in Ann Arbor, Mich. "It was mostly vacant. There was some furniture, but [...]

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TV budget design trick: Use exterior lighting fixtures inside

Well, why not use outdoor lanterns inside? There’s no law against it. I saw this budget design trick last night on “Designed to Sell” with Lisa LaPorta. She’s a SoCal gal, in case you didn’t know. In this particular show, Lisa wanted to punch up the sconces on either side of a vintage fireplace and [...]

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