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DIY Weekend Special

A Granite Floor? Why Not?

The great thing about living in a metropolitan area is your access to so many shops, supply houses and enterprises. Daniel Gonzales and Janice Stango took full advantage of [...]

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DIY paintings: Hot or not hot?

For a cool contemporary home, these DIY paintings might be fun and flexible. These look so sophisticated. But actually, they’re simply canvases stretched on wood frames [...]

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Man, it’s hot out there!

At this time of year, a home improvement writer’s interest typically turns to wet-weather topics like replacing the roof and cleaning out the gutters. But here we are [...]


The $1,400 Ikea Bathroom Remodel

Here’s one of the latest creations posted on Ikea Hacker blog, where clever people find ways to create cool environments on a budget and mostly with Ikea products. The [...]


The five-dollar floor finish

Over at the Casa de Solariego blog, which is chronicling the building of a straw bale home in San Luis Obispo County, blogger Mark explains how he stained his new concrete [...]

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DIY Weekend Special: Tile Backsplash

In this kitchen, the backsplash tile sets the tone. If your kitchen could be jazzed up with tile, installing a backsplash is a good DIY project. I saw step-by-step [...]


Book Report: 52 Weekend Makeovers

My first suspicion when a magazine publisher puts out a book is: Uh-oh, recycled magazine articles. Even the subtitle of the book — “Easy Projects to Transform Your [...]

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Got pails of paint?

If you’re a serial remodeler, you’ve likely got half-full cans of latex paint around house. What to do with it? CNN reports on two cities, San Francisco and Miami, who [...]