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Fascinating Video of Fabric Creation

Sunbrella Inspired Design from Sunbrella on Vimeo. Ever wonder what goes into Sunbrella fabric you just selected for your throw pillow? Me neither. But, it’s actually [...]


The New Chic: Decorating From the Dump

I knew we were on our way to a Depression Era decorating mentality and now we have arrived. Thank goodness we have artists living at the poverty level to show us the way. As [...]

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Furniture and fixtures for fat folks

I know, I know. The headline I put on this post is offensive. But as I was at one time a fat folk — topping 275 pounds — and have been maintaining a 100-pound [...]

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Eco-decorating is suddenly hip

I guess my friend and co-author Kitty Bartholomew is a visionary. For many years, long before it was eco-hip, she was finding new uses for old things that have served their [...]