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Green Remodeling

The high end of eco lighting

These lamps were designed by Deniece Duscheone, an award-winning lighting designer and a LEED-accredited professional. Her most recent project was the $56 million renovation [...]


The Human Footprint: Take the survey

The Human Footprint will be on the National Geographic Channel on Sunday at 9 p.m. The subtitle is: Everything you eat. Everything you drink. Everything you use. Your entire [...]


Six essentials for a green remodel

New green homes get the most attention, but greening up existing homes is the real challenge. After all, 1 million to 2 million new homes are built each year (much less than [...]

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Coming soon: a million solar spats?

The case of one Sunnyvale, Calif., neighbor’s redwood trees versus another neighbor’s solar panels and hot tub ended up in court and is still not settled, [...]


3 ways to go green at Home Depot

I was frustrated a few months ago when I sought out green products at my local Home Depot and didn’t find much. And of course, I blogged about that. So when Home Depot [...]

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A chance to speak out on green building

The county of Los Angeles is considering adoption of a green building program and is holding a series of public meetings to get comments. Discussions will focus on green [...]

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Green home books for 2008

Greening-your-home books are sprouting like alfalfa seeds. New choices this year include: Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life (Clarkson Potter, February, $18 [...]


Design Ideas for Obsolete Fireplaces

A proposal to limit fireplace use became reality a while back as the South Coast Air Quality Management District board voted unanimously “to impose hefty fines on [...]


Green building trends

Here are the latest happenings in green building (as observed at the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, Fla.): • The National Association of Home Builders is [...]


A new house that will last 150 years?

While some government programs are flawed, others are sterling. I’m thinking of the excellent Energy Star program of the U.S. Dept. of Energy. And I’m also [...]

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How green is my footprint?

Have you ever wondered how many planets it would take to sustain all 6.6 billion humans on Earth at your rate of consumption? Yeah, me neither. But it’s an interesting [...]


Two new books on green building

As the phrase "green building" becomes fixed in the American vocabulary, a big question arises: What exactly is it? The concept of green building has evolved over [...]


Enlightened journeys

I’ve been especially enchanted with several house photos in my collection, and I finally realized what they have in common: All of the homes use natural light to make [...]

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Before solar panels, a reality check

Reader Rich W. has given me two good ideas regarding my quest for a solar-powered home: 1. Learn more about photovoltaic systems and design my own, then hire an installer. 2. [...]


A Mod Beach House for Sis

When architect Robert Nebolon started sketching out ideas for his sister’s tear-down and rebuild in south Hermosa Beach, he felt pretty confident that his design would [...]

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Loving my new solar-powered fountain

I’m loving my new solar-powered fountain, which gives me the soothing sounds of water outside my office window without running up my electric bill. And I feel connected [...]


Remodeling and indoor air pollution

We hope our remodels will beautify our homes, not pollute them. But that’s exactly what happens when the various glues, paints, fabric finishes, formaldehyde and other [...]


Video: Green Claremont Fire Rebuild

We first met this wonderful couple — Vern and Deb Jahnke — earlier this year when they gave me a tour of their Claremont home. You can see photos of their very [...]

0 Comments goes green

The Los Angeles-based website has gone green by offering a series of articles on green DIY projects. They include: Installing bamboo floorsHow to install a [...]

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Solar Christmas lights

***UPDATE*** I got a response from Gaiam and these lights are, indeed, LED lights, which means they will last for many years. And now the original posting: Here’s what [...]


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