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Stupid kitchen layout: Can you top this?

Some kitchen layouts are awkward. Some without grace. But this one, in a Corona tract house, was flat-out stupid. You can see, in the top photo, the kitchen after the $7,000 [...]


Red and green SoCal kitchens

Here are a few of my favorite kitchens, which happen to be red and green, the colors of the holiday season. Top left: Kathleen Schaaf and her brother Kevin bought a 1923 Long [...]

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How much does a remodel cost, anyway?

In my 17 years writing about remodels, I’ve been fairly insistent on one issue: The cost of the remodel must be revealed. After all, what value is a feature on a lovely [...]


Remodeling and the single woman

The low-cost remodel of this 1948 Long Beach house has so many things going for it I don’t know where to start. While the hardwood floors were already in pretty good [...]


A Bar-height Table Works for Me

You know how everyone likes to sit up high on bar stools? But without having to be in a bar? Steve and Marygrace Carpenter like that feeling so much they got rid of their [...]


Book Report: The New Bungalow Kitchen

If you’re a lover of bungalow homes and want a chance to drool, I suggest The New Bungalow Kitchen, a recently published Taunton Press book by Virginia architect Peter [...]

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Amazing slate

Just as I’m ruminating on how much I love slate floors, I come across a posting on the Kitchen Designer blog concerning slate countertops. According to kitchen designer [...]

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Green alternatives for countertops

Astute eco-reader David sends in this helpful missive: “We just found a great posting on green alternatives for countertops. The list includes Richlite (used in a new [...]


How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

I’d like to respond to the question above — which I’ve been asked a lot over the years — with a question of my own: How much does a car cost? I just bought a [...]


10 trends in green kitchens

According to HGTV, here are the 10 trends in greening up your kitchen, along with links to some resources: 1. Low-VOC countertops (pictured: Richlite counter in a Claremont [...]


The $1,400 kitchen

This kitchen, featured on the Dwell magazine website, was done for less than $2,000 (not counting DIY labor) with Ikea products. The total cost was about $1,400 partly [...]


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