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Aerial hedge trimming

Here’s a photo from the quirky former website This fellow found a unique solution to that pesky hedge-trimming job. This beats the heck out of standing on [...]

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Looking for a landscaper

A reader sent in this email: Hi! I saw your Pardon Our Dust article on drought-tolerant grasses. Can you recommend good landscape architect in the L.A. area? (Pamela Burton [...]

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Help! Invading bamboo!

Question: Could you post an article on the responsible way to plant bamboo? Proper selection and planting could help neighbors retain friendship as well as money. My [...]


Envy in Santa Ynez, Calif.

In all the years I’ve been writing about remodels (more than two decades) and in all the gorgeous homes I’ve visited (more than 500), I’ve only felt envy [...]