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Will you choose the cheap contractor? Or the artist?

A few months ago, my friend (who I’ll call Clare for the sake of this true story) was in the position to choose a contractor for the small, charming century-old house she gutted and is bringing back to life. Clare got full bids from two contractors. Contractor Artisan’s bid was more expensive by 10s of [...]

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More folks go online to prepare for a remodel

According to a story on, the Internet is a bounty for those ready to remodel. You can find help and information in many areas, including: • Finding a contractor (check out and • Checking on a contractor’s credit rating, license and insurance ( • Ordering supplies (,,,, and so on) • Check online for takeout [...]

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A daily log and other ways to stay organized

Anyone who has survived a big remodel knows how confusing and chaotic it can be. Who's coming today? Is anyone coming today? What will they do? Is this thing spiraling out of control? Several methods can help you feel less confused. Much of it depends on your contractor, if you have one. Some strategies your [...]

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