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Remodeling in History: How to remodel your garage for only $1,618

Here’s a clever ad that ran July 9, 1965 in the St. Petersburg Independent:  The newspaper ad reads: “Buy an Opel Kadett. Put it in your garage and suddenly your garage never looked so cavernous. Opel’s 58 inches of width makes all sorts of room for tricycles, lawn mowers, bushel baskets and sleds. However, do [...]

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Remodeling in History: 1948 — President Truman slammed for building a balcony off the White House

In 1948, President Harry Truman wanted to add a balcony on the side of the White House and his detractors were up in arms. “Women especially seem to resent the fact that Mr. Truman is altering the White House a few months before the people are choosing a president,” David Lawrence reported in the Spokane [...]

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