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Clotheslines are the new cool

ClotheslineAnd just like that, drying clothes on a line is hip. It will help save the planet and it’s a way to make a green statement.

Funny, just a few weeks ago, I considered it trashy. I saw my neighbors drying their kids’ clothes on a fence and I thought: “How country.” And not in a good way.

Then after last week’s Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis, I saw my other neighbors doing the sun-dried clothing thing and I thought: “Tres chic.”

You can find really cool clotheslines at Gaiam. You’ve got a choice between the Retractable Clothesline for 20 bucks, the Large Drying Rack for 89 bucks, and the new Breezecatcher Umbrella Drying Rack (pictured) for a 169 big ones. That’s upscale, right?

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