Coach Sean Payton wants to know: Does your house contain tainted drywall?

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Feb• 01•10

Sean Payton New Orleans Saints
By Kathy Price-Robinson for DIY Life:

Lately, when Louisiana residents like myself see New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton on TV, it’s usually not in reference to the Saints’ first-ever trip to the Super Bowl February 7.

Rather, in numerous ad spots, Payton can be seen discussing tainted drywall from China that was used in his home in Mandeville, just north of New Orleans. In the ads, he urges homeowners to take notice and perhaps seek legal help.

Payton is the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit filed last month in U.S. District Court against Knauf Plasterboard Tainjin Co. Ltd, a Chinese drywall manufacturer. According to Payton and and his attorneys, ingredients in the drywall smell like rotten eggs, and corroded certain metal components in the house — such as plumbing and electrical equipment — and caused his family to become sick. Payton now considers his house uninhabitable and moved his family out.

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