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Combatting Counter Clutter

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e5517571278833-800wiAs I plan to paint and lighten up my kitchen, to spend around $200 on a beautiful, yet-to-be-determined backsplash and under-counter lighting, I got to thinking about how much stuff is on my counters.

Do I need all that stuff out ALL the time?

When I visit kitchens for my articles, the homeowners seem to have cleared the counters.

See what I mean in this Claremont kitchen, or this Downey kitchen. Do people live like this? I suspect not.

I’d love to have clear counters, but what kind of hassle is it to haul things out all the time?

Here are some of my counter clutter challenges, from right to left (above):

Bread maker While I only use this wedding gift four or five times a year, I love having it handy in case I want to amp up the dough action. But how likely is that?

Cake plate We use this like a cookie jar, but the sweets are visible for all to admire.

Spice and hot sauce tray So handy for cooking. But I wonder if I should explore getting one of those cool, pull-out spice racks. I do have a slot to the right of the stove.

Cooking utensil basket How do people live without one of these on the counter? I love the feeling of pulling just the right spoon or spatula or whisk from this basket.

Coffee paraphernalia Imagine what my counters would be like if we didn’t indulge in one of the greatest legal drugs of all times? We’ve got the coffee maker, coffee grinder, French press and tea kettle. All are too precious to hide.

On the other side of the sink we’ve got the rice cooker/vegetable steamer, blender, waffle maker, table lamp and microwave. And in a nook there is a Cuisinart mixer, toaster, hand mixer, juicer and electric can opener (the latter we never use).

It’s a gadget gallery in there. Do I need these things out all time, 24/7?

I’m curious: How do you work it out in your kitchen? Do you leave everything out? Keep everything put away? Or, what is your middle ground?

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