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Coming to Rooftops Near You: 65 Million Square Feet of Solar Panels

PhotovoltaicI’d rather see solar panels on my rooftop and yours, but this is still pretty cool.

A project has been proposed that will place photovoltaic cells on 65 million square feet of commercial building roofs in Southern California.

The cells will generate as much as 250 megawatts of electricity — enough to power about 162,500 average homes — based on an estimate that 1 megawatt would serve about 650 average homes. Wow!

The plan, the largest rooftop solar installation project ever proposed by a utility company in the country, was announced by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Southern California Edison, according to a story in the L.A. Times.

This could “set off a huge wave of renewable-energy growth,” said Schwarzenegger.

And you know what that means? Typically when there is more demand for technology, the price drops. And that means affordable home systems could be coming our way sooner rather than later.

The first of the solar rooftops, in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, is expected to be up and producing electricity by August.

Another project recently announced proposes to place a 250-megawatt plant, dubbed the Beacon Solar Energy Project, on about 2,000 acres in eastern Kern County.

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