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Contractor fed flags: Were there any?

I’ve been writing about remodeling for 17 years, and so you can imagine the contractor horror stories I’ve heard.

But I’m interested in what happened before the contractor was hired. Were there no warnings? No indications? No red flags?

I’m convinced that there were, and that those signs were ignored, glossed over, excused.

Maybe you didn’t get a call back for a few days. Or the contractor’s truck was dirty mess. Or the contractor turned out to be unlicensed.

On that last point, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to know if a contractor is licensed. Just click on the California State Contractors License Board website and do your search.

If you don’t check on this before you hire your contractor, and you find out later he or she isn’t licensed, I won’t let you complain to me.

So if you’ve suffered from hiring what turned out to be a bad or incompetent contractor, think back, back, back to the beginning . . . . Without naming names, tell me, what did you hear, see, or observe that should have clued you in?

What were the red flags?

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