Dad starting a new project? Better get him tooled up

Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - Jun• 12•07

American dads will get nearly $10 billion in gifts this Sunday, according to a survey reported in The Times. While some people consider a greeting card a "gift," dads who work about the house will want something more substantial, like tools. Here are three cool tools given 2007 Editors’ Choice Awards in Tools of the Trade magazine:

Dead On Titanium Framing Hammer: “How cool can a hammer be?” the magazine editors asked. “Well, here’s your answer.” With flex technology adapted from high-tech golf clubs, and a relatively light head, the T17 is designed to hit with the energy of a much larger hammer. It has two nail-pulling slots, a magnetized nail-starting bed, and a square face. And it’s said to be indestructible. Your guy around the house will likely take on even more projects as an excuse to use this baby. The company’s motto: “Serious tools with attitude!”

Ridgid See Snake Inspection Camera: Oh what technology has wrought! For about $250 you can get dad an inspection camera with a lens at the end of a 3-foot cable and a 2 1/2-inch color LCD screen on the pistol-grip handle. If you need to see what’s inside a wall, or in a drainpipe, above the ceiling or any other number of hidden places in a house, all you need is a small hole in which to insert the end of the cable. It’s kind of like the cameras used for micro surgery, with the house being the patient.

Werner Ladder: But the first thing dad needs is a sturdy and safe ladder. Toss out the old rickety, wooden, paint-stained relics he’s been using and give him a fiberglass Werner. The company will soon introduce a contractor’s ladder that provides slots, hooks and holes to carry all the cool tools dad collects this Sunday.

What do you want for Dad’s Day?

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