Daily 5 Remodel: Savvy Industry Intel from Leah Thayer

Written By: admin - Oct• 08•10

Leah Thayer - Daily 5 Remodel One of my favorite remodeling journalists of all time, Leah Thayer, has launched a new enterprise called Daily 5 Remodel. If you sign up, you get an email every weekday morning with all the news about the industry.

Each day has a pertinent and perceptive news feed that looks like this:

Morning! It’s the “all’s good” Friday edition of d5R. Long-term mortgage rates hit record lows. More cash, easier business borrowing3.2 million jobs, just waiting for the right person. Benefits rate high for employees’ health and financial security. Commercial property values up 30% over 2009. Rising mortgage apps, rebounding home salesStriking it rich in the national parks. Paints, camera, level! Home improvement/design apps for the iPhone. Economic recovery in the Great Lakes. “Who’s not for saving money?” Growing use of home-energy trackers, savers. New reverse-mortgage program helps cash-strapped seniorsMichigan remodelers in the news. From the blogs: High-performance decking diverts from the waste stream. Grilling a home inspectorWomen improve team problem-solving. Interactive:Ikea catsSlideshowfrom warehouse to wow.

Then, you get your daily five stories. Today’s are:

An Industry Breakthrough

An Industry BreakthroughIt’s official: Remodeling is now the dominant force in residential spending, and it’s only going to get bigger.Read More

Ideas: Run With Them

Ideas: Run With ThemRipped from the Remodelers Advantage Summit, these seven low- or no-cost strategies can help bolster your business on the cheap.Read More

Design-Build: the Video

Design-Build: the Video“Clients seem to love the fact that we’re offering them multimedia options for getting to know us better…”Read More

Pinpointing Your Market

Pinpointing Your MarketHmmm. How to identify every homeowner within three miles of your office who’s likely to remodel in the next year?Read More

More Than Its Footprint

More Than Its Footprint“Wow. This is much bigger than I expected.” Student-designed Lumenhaus packs expansive potential into 570 energy-efficient square feet.Read More

And Leah posts questions so contractors can see what their peers are thinking about vital topics of the day. Other sections include Benchmarks, Best Practices, Snapshots, Answers, Innovations and Blog. It’s essentially an online magazine with a whole lot of substance.

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