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Written By: Kathy Price-Robinson - May• 09•08

The stackable patio chair has grown up [San Francisco Chronicle]
Would Frank Lloyd Wright approve? [L.A. Times]
Cooling off with smaller carbon footprint [Washington Post]
The $99,000 house competition [Jetson Green]
2008 Editors’ Choice Awards [Tools of the Trade]
The lowdown on sandpaper [L.A. Times]
Offices that feel like home [Chicago Tribune]
California’s new green-building database [State of California]
Recalled: Bassettbaby cribs, Simmons Kids crib mattresses [CPSC.gov]
Ritz-Carlton style for your guest room [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
Carrie’s updated digs in “Sex and the City” movie [Chicago Tribune]
Can this uneven, bare, weedy lawn be saved? [San Francisco Chronicle]
My $1,200 radon job [Wall Street Journal]
Politically Incorrect Solar Blog [Akeena Solar]
Ventura County adjusts to new green-building regulations [Camarillo Acorn]
Scientologists remodel Malibu nail salon [Curbed L.A.]
Keeping chlorine out of the pool [New York Times]
Flat paints will be greener beginning July 1 [L.A. Times]
Recalled: 3,100 Miele super-large gas dryers [CPSC.gov]
Cal Poly frat house going for green certification [Mustang Daily]
Renovation revolution: getting ready for old age [Forbes]
Recalled: 22,000 fireplace wall controls [CPSC.gov]
California incentives for renewables and efficiency [www.dsireusa.org]
Green fitness center planned for Vandenberg AFB [PR Newswire]
Contractors kept busy maintaining abandoned homes [New York Times]
The Green Building Curmudgeon blog [Housing Zone]
Make your own green cleaning products [New York Times]
Planet-friendly paving lets water seep through [Washington Post]
Will artichokes grow in West Hills? [Long Beach Press-Telegram]
Mid-century metal chairs make a comeback [L.A. Times]
Can’t move? Remodeling may be answer [San Diego Union Tribune]
Challenges of downsizing [The Arizona Republic]
Luxury style in a budget bath [The Coloradoan]
Certified green businesses in Santa Monica [L.A. Times]
Life in a yurt [New York Times]
Notes from New Orleans [National Trust for Historic Preservation]
The dirty dozen: 12 plants to avoid [MSN Real Estate]
New recall: 280,000 carbon monoxide/smoke alarms [CPSC.gov]
Will upgrading your home help you sell it? [Wall Street Journal]
The dirty dozen: 12 plants to avoid [MSN Real Estate]
New recall: 280,000 carbon monoxide/smoke alarms [CPSC.gov]
Will upgrading your home help you sell it? [Wall Street Journal]
Deals to be had as furniture stores liquidate [L.A. Times]
Kitchen makeover contest [iVillage.com]
New recalls: Dewalt table saws, QVC space heaters [CPSC.gov]
Tour Pasadena Showcase House through May 18 [Pasadenashowcase.org]
Palo Alto adopts strict green building mandates [Palo Alto Weekly]
High-stakes lead paint case in Rhode Island [International Herald Tribune]
San Diego development wins national green building award [NAHB]
Confessions of a chronic shed slob [L.A. Times]
A gallery of white interiors [Architectural Digest]
Demolition party: A DIY bash [L.A. Times]
Andie MacDowell plans green house [Wall Street Journal]
Film producer’s eclectic renovation [L.A. Times]
Malibu’s backyard vintners [L.A. Times]
Remodelers to face white-glove test on lead [Washington Post]
It’s amateurs vs. pros at estate sales [L.A. Times]
Firehouse lightbulb in Livermore has burned 107 years [L.A. Times]
Our petroleum dollars at work: a billion-dollar home in Mumbai [Forbes]
Get to the root of curling vinyl, then straighten it out [L.A. Times]
National Women Build Week is May 4 to 10 [Habitat for Humanity]
84,000 children’s storage bins from Lowe’s recalled for lead paint [CPSC]
Recap of AltBuild Expo in Santa Monica [Santa Monica Mirror]
Does DirectBuy save customers money? [KHOU-TV, Houston]
Bedroom makeover for a teenage girl [Washington Post]
It’s National Home Improvement Month [BobVila.com]
Battling over the right to dry clothes outside [New York Times]
UC Berkeley child care center gets LEED silver certification [UC Berkeley News]
Stop unwanted catalogs [Wall Street Journal]
Iceplant worst thing for hillsides, landscaper says [North County Times]
Tips on using odds and ends in the garden [L.A. Times]
Tree of the Week: The Blue Gum [L.A. Land]
Pavers fine without the sealer [L.A. Times]
Green-living tips from Julia Louis-Dreyfus [USA Today]
Renovation was a labor of love . . . and loss [Dallas Morning News]
Bedside lighting: beyond table lamps [New York Times]
A garden oasis in the Hollywood Hills [L.A. Times]
L.A. City Council passes green-building ordinance [L.A. Times]
L.A., S.F. vie for title of “greenest city” [L.A. Times]
Mobile home makeover for cable TV show [Inland Valley Daily Bulletin]
Eco-benefits of telecommuting [San Francisco Chronicle]
So popular and yet so toxic: PVC [L.A. Times]
Trying remodels in trying times [DailyBreeze]
Home inspection horror stories [L.A. Times]
Pasadena’s Whole Foods Market: Is It Sustainable Design? [L.A. Times]
Santa Clara fire station gets solar panels [The Earth Times]
Remodeling spending down only 4.8% over last year [Harvard University]
Urbanslabs offers countertops locally made of recycled materials [Urbanslabs.com]
10 recession-proof home improvements [Forbes]
Crate & Barrel plans two LEED-certified warehouses [Central Valley Business Times]
Santa Monica expands green building guidelines [The Lookout News]
Nine earth-friendly fixes for your home [Forbes]
Is an “eco brat” judging your household? [San Francisco Chronicle]
Seven energy-saving eco-gadgets [Smart Money]
Green hotels LEEDing the way? [Los Angeles Times]
Four state buildings earn LEED Gold ratings [Business Wire]
Building green is getting cheaper [Sacramento Bee]
Photo Gallery: 24 Years of Hot Property: The Ruth Ryon era [Los Angeles Times]
Time to tidy up [Washington Post]
To preserve home equity, help your neighbor [Wall Street Journal]
Top five questions to ask before renovating [MarketWatch]
How to avoid toxins in baby’s nursery [San Jose Mercury News]
Sweet dreams: a green makeover for the bedroom [Seattle Times]
So long, farewell! House is done; Dream Home Diaries conclude [New York Times]
Restoring a home after a calamity [The Detroit News]
Grandma’s moving in. Where will she sleep? [San Francisco Chronicle]
Comparing green cleaning products [Washington Post]
NEW: Energy Star criteria established for water heaters [U.S. Dept. of Energy]
Can this house help you live forever? [New York Times]
This could be the greenest city in the world [The Guardian, UK]
A gallery of girlie vanities [Domino]
Silver Lake eco home and lifestyle boutique [Emerald City blog]
Folding chairs too hip to hide in a closet [New York Times]
Remodeling contractor charged in jewelry thefts [St. Petersburg Times]
Registry of lead-free homes proposed in Maine [WCSH, Portland]
Drew Barrymore’s chic and comfortable L.A. un-office [Domino]
What to do with $5,000 [The Motley Fool]
Tips for greening an older home [Preservation Magazine]
Lots of contractors need work, but choose wisely [Chicago Tribune]
How to build ready-to-assemble furniture [Washington Post]

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