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Design Challenge: Will black Mission-style tables go with this couch?

Kyla loves this couch.

But will the couch go with these Mission-style tables?

Your fellow home enthusiast Kyla has a design dilemma and needs your help. She’s in love with this two-tone couch and ottoman with dark leather on the bottom and milk chocolate microfiber cushions. She’s also quite enamored with black Mission-style tables.

And she writes:

Will these two looks be good together or will the black and brown look horrible? If these looks will be a good look, what would you suggest for wall color? Also down the road we will be replacing the floors. I would like to go with wood and I prefer DARK wood over light. Do you have any suggestions? I am at a total loss. I feel like I have lost sense of imagination and can’t put a look together for anything. I’m forever second-guessing myself.

Any suggestions for Kyla?

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