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Design Ideas for Obsolete Fireplaces

Fireplace remodelA proposal to limit fireplace use became reality a while back as the South Coast Air Quality Management District board voted unanimously “to impose hefty fines on homeowners who burn wood in fireplaces on high-pollution days during winter months — usually about two dozen days,” according to the L.A. Times.

Plus: “Builders will be banned from installing wood-burning fireplaces in new homes, and it will be illegal to buy and install one when remodeling a home. Gas-burning fireplaces will be allowed.”

But let’s look at the design opportunities here.

What can you do with an increasingly obsolete fireplace?

  • Fireplace remodelMake a book nook out of it
  • Burn a few soy candles inside (very romantic)
  • Put a cozy dog or cat bed in there
  • Display your collection of short statues (Buddha anyone?)
  • Take it out and allow the sun to warm the house (pictured here)
  • Take it out and get views of your garden
  • Take it out and free up wall space

Any more ideas?

(Photo: Washington Post)

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